Generat(ing)ional Memories

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest (no not planning my wedding) but looking at inspiration for different projects that range from things I want to do one day, to your standard DIY project, to what to cook for dinner tomorrow night….It’s fair to say I get a lot of great ideas and I’m your typical women that every man has a fit at when you ask him to help you build this “simple project”. Those projects always seem to turn into hours worth of effort and frustration because the plans don’t make sense or better yet, there are no plans all together! It makes for grand day….ha!

But one of my fondest Pinterest projects is a generational photo. A common theme of many of my posts is how much my family means to me so when I stumbled across this idea I knew I had to pursue it. It took a little coordination and discipline on my part because both my brother and Grandma lived out of state and each had trip planned to Texas in the near future….not to mention coordinating outfits, location, camera angles, etc, etc.

In addition, it’s not a project you can knock out in one day because you take the first picture, print it (poster size), frame it, take a picture of the next generation, print it (poster size), frame it, etc, etc and I wanted the timing to be perfect so that I could finish up the project when my brother and Grandma were in Texas.

Now I’m no professional photographer, but it all worked out great and was such a fun project! My next goal is to do the same for my parents’ siblings and their families as a gift to both of my grandmothers.

Check it out below!


Grandma Elli (Mom’s Mom), Mom and Me
MawMaw Melvin (Dad’s Mom), Dad & Mom and Travis & Me
Grandma Elli, Dad & Mom and Travis & Me
Both the Grandmas, Dad & Mom and Travis and Me