Ring Day

Aggie Ring Day

The Aggie Ring to Aggies is what the “The sultan of swat!”, “The king of crash”,
“the colossus of clout”…….“THE GREAT BAMBINO!” is to The Sandlot. We anticipate Ring Day our entire college career and some of us for a lifetime. It is a symbol of achievement, hard work, and the ability to reach great heights!

My Ring Day was no exception. September 25th very well may be one of my favorite days. Ever. The entire day was filled with excitement, family, and friends….what more could you ask for? Not to mention I took my parents by my place of work and introduced them to my colleagues and showed them around, something I was very proud of. We then headed over to the Association of Former Students and battled the 100 degree weather, the masses of people, and the thousands of camera flashes from every mom.

By 2:30 I proudly sported that piece of gold that I wanted my entire life. I was finally part of THE network that is well known for spontaneous conversations between two total strangers, simply because we both have THE ring.

Receiving my Aggie Ring is definitely one of my proudest accomplishments thus far!


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